28 Ιουν 2024 10:25 μμ

Chaos and cause – Can a butterfly’s wings trigger a distant hurricane? The answer depends on the perspective you take: physics or human agency –>

28 Ιουν 2024 2:59 μμ

Economics 101 – Why introductory economics courses continued to teach zombie ideas from before economics became an empirical discipline – What happens to the job market when the government raises the minimum wage? For decades, higher education in the United States has taught economics students to answer this question by reasoning from first principles. When the price of something rises, people tend to buy less of it. Therefore, if the price of labour rises, businesses will choose to ‘buy’ less of it – meaning they’ll hire fewer people. Students learn that a higher minimum wage means fewer jobs. But there’s another way to answer the question –>

28 Ιουν 2024 11:19 πμ

20 Times This Artist Used His Imagination And Added Paper Cutouts To Famous Landmarks –>

28 Ιουν 2024 1:51 πμ

Hidden UFO civilization could be on Earth: Harvard researchers –>

27 Ιουν 2024 6:57 μμ

Things To Come : The 1950s Science Fiction Book Club Newsletter – Beginning in 1953, Things To Come was the newsletter of the hugely popular Science Fiction Book Club – In January 1955, for instance, readers could look forward to Portals Of Tomorrow, edited by August Derleth, and Angels And Spaceships by Fredric Brown with illustrations by mostly uncredited artists. –>

27 Ιουν 2024 2:22 μμ

Αύξηση του Κατωτάτου Μισθού & Ανεργία – Είναι απλή οικονομική λογική. Η αύξηση του κατώτατου μισθού προκαλεί περισσότερη ανεργία. Μόνο μέσω της αύξησης των κεφαλαιουχικών αγαθών θα μπορούσαν οι εργαζόμενοι να γίνουν πιο παραγωγικοί και να κερδίζουν υψηλότερο ωρομίσθιο. –>

27 Ιουν 2024 8:24 πμ

A list of alternatives for Adobe software – Alternatives to: Photoshop • Illustrator • Animate • InDesign • Substance • Lightroom • XD • Premiere • Acrobat • Bridge • Dreamweaver • Audition • After Effects • –>

27 Ιουν 2024 2:03 πμ

All aquiver – The Decadent movement taught that you should live your life with the greatest intensity – a dangerous and thrilling challenge – At its most extreme, Decadence is a reckless pursuit of intense sensations: one that often teeters on the brink of scandal and sometimes topples over. – Life should be formed around ‘moments’ of ecstasy salvaged from the reality of our ultimate fate –>

26 Ιουν 2024 8:34 μμ

China Miéville completes 1,000-page new novel – Wired has published an interview with British genre author China Miéville about his upcoming collaboration with actor-musician-icon Keanu Reeves, but also touching on his other projects. –>

26 Ιουν 2024 2:33 μμ

Boogie Down to these 1970s Portraits of Coked-Up Disco Freaks – Sean’s mom’s biggest regret is that she never partied at Studio 54. She’s lived a wild and adventurous life, but at 82, she shakes her head and laments that she missed out on the most debauched, sexy, and unhinged parties to have graced the 20th century. –>

26 Ιουν 2024 7:49 πμ

FxSound - Ο απόλυτoς δωρεάν ενισχυτής ήχου για Windows –>

26 Ιουν 2024 1:09 πμ

Η «μαγική» συντόμευση που θα «ξεπαγώσει» τον υπολογιστή σου – Πριν όμως προβούμε στην τελευταία λύση, δηλαδή τον εξαναγκασμό του κλεισίματος του υπολογιστή με ανορθόδοξο τρόπο, μπορούμε να δοκιμάσουμε μία συντόμευση πληκτρολογίου που υπάρχει στα Windows 10/11 και κυριολεκτικά μπορεί να σώσει τον υπολογιστή σου από την προαναφερθείσα «βάρβαρη» διαδικασία κλεισίματος. –>

25 Ιουν 2024 10:41 μμ

Aircrack - Δωρεάν πρόγραμμα για την ασφάλεια και το «σπάσιμο» ασύρματων δικτύων –>

25 Ιουν 2024 1:35 μμ

The Mysterious Spanish Humanoid Invasion of 1968 – One curious aspect of the UFO phenomenon is how many sightings seem to come in waves, with many witnesses coming forward in the same area within a short span of time, for whatever reasons. This is true not only for UFOs, but also for their supposed occupants, and paranormal researcher and author Albert S Rosales has uncovered one such wave of encounters from 1968 in Spain and has kindly passed along a selection of bizarre reports from that year. –>

25 Ιουν 2024 9:38 πμ

Αρχίσανε τα όργανα: Τα γερμανικά ΜΜΕ δείχνουν την Ελλάδα στην κορυφή του υπερτουρισμού κι αυτό δεν το λες διαφήμιση – «Πουθενά αλλού στην ΕΕ δεν είναι τόσο έντονος ο υπερτουρισμός όσο στα ελληνικά νησιά του Νοτίου Αιγαίου», γράφει η γερμανική Τagesschau με στοιχεία της Eurostat. «Ρεκόρ υπερτουρισμού σε Μύκονο και Σαντορίνη» γράφει η DW, συνοψίζοντας άρθρο στο γερμανικό Τύπο. –>

25 Ιουν 2024 3:33 πμ

RIP William Russell – British actor William Russell, one of the original castmembers of Doctor Who, has passed away at the age of 99. –>

24 Ιουν 2024 9:59 μμ

Fossil Angels: Reinventing the Arte of Magick as the Magic of Art – “Fossil Angels” was written by Alan Moore in December 2002, and was to appear in KAOS #15, which unfortunately was never published. Alan gave permission for it to be published online at Glycon in 2010, and for its appearance in Darklore in 2016. –>

24 Ιουν 2024 2:44 μμ

David Gemmell on the Art and Craft of Writing – The late heroic fantasy author David Gemmell needs no introduction – Morgan Holmes called him “The Man who Saved Sword and Sorcery Fiction,” and Steve Tompkins once referred to him as “our favourite genre’s second wind.” To most of his fans he was, and to many still remains, The King of Heroic Fantasy. –>

24 Ιουν 2024 7:13 πμ

David Schiller and Jim Michaelson posters – here’s not too much info out there about David Schiller, he was American and produced these posters in the late 60s for Sparta Graphics. The company was born from the successful dance concert series that Dave promoted in San Jose in 1966. – Michaelson obviously had a thing for crazy flying contraptions –>

24 Ιουν 2024 2:49 πμ

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: The Comic Ads – One of the ways TSR promoted the game was through a clever series of ads that formed a serial –>

23 Ιουν 2024 6:53 μμ

The Labyrinths of Troy –>

23 Ιουν 2024 3:17 μμ

4,000-Year-Old Minoan Labyrinth Found In Crete, Home Of The Minotaur –>

23 Ιουν 2024 9:54 πμ

Archeological discoveries animate the life of the warrior queen who took on Rome – ‘How much better is it to have poverty with no master than wealth with slavery?’ – Boudica, according to the Roman historian Cassius Dio. – However, as this short film from the UK animator Emma Calder details, recent archeological discoveries are helping modern historians better understand her life and times outside of the ancient Roman perspective –>

23 Ιουν 2024 2:02 πμ

Epic Fantasy Novel Adaptations of the 21st Century –>

22 Ιουν 2024 8:43 μμ

Tender Paws and Magic Toe-Beans: A Celebration of Annie Stegg Gerard’s Enchanting Worlds –>

22 Ιουν 2024 1:29 μμ

Italian Curators Claim Vatican’s Venice Biennale Pavilion Exploits Prisoners – Organizers of the Holy See's exhibition say it has potential benefits for 'resocializing purposes.' –>

22 Ιουν 2024 8:49 πμ

From Fire Hazards to Family Trees – The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps – Created for US insurance firms during a period of devastating fires across the 19th and 20th centuries, the Sanborn maps blaze with detail — shops, homes, churches, brothels, and opium dens were equally noted by the company’s cartographers. Tobiah Black explores the history and afterlife of these maps, which have been reclaimed by historians and genealogists seeking proof of the vanished past. –>

22 Ιουν 2024 3:17 πμ

KFC's surreal new ad is Thriller for the AI era – Who can we turn to for stability in a time of political and economic uncertainty and AI's imminent takes over of the world? We can 'believe in chicken', KFC says... in a booty shaking animatronic chicken. –>

21 Ιουν 2024 6:20 μμ

MP3myMP3 - Ό,τι ακούς το καταγράφεις εντελώς δωρεάν – ένα εύκολο στη χρήση και δωρεάν πρόγραμμα που σου επιτρέπει να καταγράφεις τον ήχο που παράγεται από την κάρτα ήχου του υπολογιστή σου και να το αποθηκεύεται σε MP3 ή WAV αρχεία ήχου –>

21 Ιουν 2024 5:08 μμ

Strange Cases of Demon Dogs and Hellhounds – One persistent sort of entity reported upon the landscape of the strange is the presence of dark, often spectral, large dogs, typically called Hellhounds or sometimes Demon Dogs – Hellhounds have been recorded in one form or another throughout human history, from a variety of far-flung cultures, and the British Isles are a hotspot for such phenomena –>

21 Ιουν 2024 9:33 πμ

Programming Prayer: The Woven Book of Hours (1886–87) – Touchstone in the history of computing, monument of city pride, pastiche of Gothic and Renaissance revivalisms with a dash of Art Nouveau — the Livre de Prières: Tissé d’après les enluminures des manuscrits du XIVe au XVIe siècle, produced in Lyon in the 1880s, is an object of many valences, a nodal point connecting several seemingly disparate legacies. As the title indicates, the book’s leaves are neither handwritten nor printed, but woven (tissé), then mounted onto heavy paper backings and bound. A product of combined manual, mechanical, and computational labor –>

21 Ιουν 2024 12:14 πμ

Magic Died When Art and Science Split –>

20 Ιουν 2024 7:57 μμ

The Curious Melodic Case of The Regina Music Box – he tale of the Regina Music Box Company is one composed of innovation, initial success, perseverance, and the struggle to remain relevant in the capricious home music landscape of the US at the turn of the century –>

20 Ιουν 2024 10:11 πμ

The Daily Heller: Posters That Fit on a No. 11 Envelope – In Europe, the “poster stamp craze” was, in part, triggered by a dentist, Hans Sachs, who founded the Verein der Plakat Freunde with Hans Meyer in 1905 –>

20 Ιουν 2024 12:41 πμ

Don’t be terrified of Pale Fire – Nabokov's masterpiece has a complex but huge heart –>

19 Ιουν 2024 6:30 μμ

“On This Desolate Island”: Sodomy Punish’d (1726) – One day, he was caught having relations with another man, an event whose details are largely lost to the historical record. While the other man was seemingly executed, Hasenbosch was marooned to punish him for his sodomy — a cluster of sexual acts that were prosecuted with increasing frequency and severity in both the Netherlands and England as the 1700s wore on. It was a pirate’s fate for a company man. They leave him with almost nothing: a cask of water, two buckets, an old frying pan, and a few other tools. He builds a tent on the beach and starts to explore –>

19 Ιουν 2024 12:04 μμ

Αποκαλύφθηκαν 28 αναψυκτικά, χυμοί και άλλα ποτά που ανακαλούνται από τον FDA για επιβλαβείς χημικές ουσίες – Ακολουθεί μια λίστα με μερικά από τα ποτά που έχουν ανακληθεί μέχρι στιγμής φέτος –>

19 Ιουν 2024 10:54 πμ

Tomorrow people – For the entire 20th century, it had felt like telepathy was just around the corner. Why is that especially true now? – In 2016, Elon Musk launched Neuralink with the aim of manufacturing an electronic implant in the brain that could link it directly to the computer network. Musk’s company was joining the race to build brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, which involved Meta, Google and a host of neurology start-ups funded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs – Engineer-inventors promised that a machine for transmitting direct, unmediated thought was not far off –>

19 Ιουν 2024 1:40 πμ

Ultraviolence: Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ –>